Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is the key to protecting your siding and raising home value. Painting your home’s exterior protects it from the elements. An exterior paint job should be done once every five years to protect wood siding from water damage and rot. Exterior painting is less costly than replacing wood siding – it’s a preventative measure that will keep your house looking great for years to come.

Homeowners need an exterior paint job that will give great durability, but is also cost effective. We have designed our premium painting service around this concept. We provide durable, cost effective, attractive solutions for your exterior painting needs that fits within most budgets.  At Shephard’s, we also provide premium interior painting services as well.

We assure you that our professional painters are trained to carry out your painting project according to time tested industry standards, and manufacturers’ specifications.  Meeting industry standards and manufacturers’ specifications assures that your paint job will be done correctly.

We are your one-stop, Carmel and Fishers Indiana Painters. We’re not a jack of all trades. We do one thing – painting – and we do it well, efficiently, and with pride.